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Kids Ukulele Lessons


Is the ukulele a good instrument for children to learn?

Well, the short answer is a resounding YES!!

It’s well established thinking that playing music as a child is excellent for artistic and social development. Music requires concentration, but is also fun and can be enjoyed with many others. The options for music are often limited to the recorder, the piano, the violin and the guitar. One thing I will say now, as a professional musician, is that the ukulele is the easiest instrument to make a start with. That is not to say the ukulele is easy full stop, it isn’t and takes a lifetime to master. What I am saying though is that I believe progress can be made quicker on a ukulele as a child than with other instruments.

Some of the many reasons a Ukulele is great for a child:

  1. Size! The ukulele is a small instrument, and a lot easier for a small child to hold than a guitar (and a lot smaller to store in the house than a piano!)
  2. Cost – beginner ukuleles are significantly cheaper than beginner guitars, violins or pianos
  3. Fun factor – the ukulele is a happy instrument, and I believe that kids will feel that they are guitarists by holding one.  Beginner ukuleles also come in a great range of bright, child friendly colours.  The fact that Spongebob Squarepants plays one should also help make the childs mind up!
  4. Ease of pickup – as I say above, the early days with ukuleles allow a new user to make lots of progress.  A simple strum is easy to pick up, and when you consider that several chords only need one finger to play them, you can see why you can teach a child a song rather quickly.
  5. The ukulele suits children’s songs. The nature of simple children’s songs (nursery rhymes and the like) added to the fact that you can sing when you play, makes the ukulele a great instrument to play.  Most simple tunes are only two or three chords, meaning a child will get quick satisfaction at having “created” something and been artistic.
  6. Transferable – As well as teaching a child the basics of music theory, the ukulele is the perfect instrument that will allow a transfer to guitar at a later stage.

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