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Kids Guitar Lessons

Guitar is an excellent starter instrument for children.

It’s easy to carry, simple to store and affordable. Best of all, children want to play it!

Although an appreciation of music can and should be encouraged from birth, instrumental tuition should not be given until a child has developed the concentration for lessons and a genuine desire to learn an instrument. For this reason, lessons in guitar do not generally begin before the age of 8. The Ukulele is an ideal instrument for under 8’s. Our courses are very much goal-orientated and encourage children to work towards concert performances or exams or both. This keeps students motivated and promotes confidence and good practice routines.

Under 12 guitar group enables young children from 8 to 11 to experience early success and have fun, while the specially-designed curriculum teaches music through well-known popular songs. The course includes melody playing, chord accompaniment, note reading skills and simple theory. Students have the option to get graded at all stages of learning. Our courses are designed to be fun and to build confidence from the start.

Children must have their own guitars for this course. We recommend a small nylon-string (‘classical’ or ‘Spanish’) guitar, usually ½ or ¾ size, for this age group. These may be purchased form Vardens EGS music shop at special discounts for students enrolled in the school.


 Teens Guitar Lessons

Designed especially for teenagers, Teens Guitar Group takes a practical, enjoyable approach to acoustic guitar tuition. The style is hands-on, contemporary and seriously fun. Skills are developed using chord and riff examples from classic and modern songs. You will also gain such essential musical knowledge as song structure, tab notation, scales, rhythm reading, intervals, chord shapes and strum patterns, and techniques such as muting and string bending. By the end of the course you should have an impressive grasp of guitar fundamentals and a solid understanding of how songs are put together. You will also get to play in a live band setting.

Playing guitar is not only cool, but also a creative, rewarding and relaxing way to spend some spare time.

Guitar tuition can also include preparation for graded music exams as well as Junior Cert., Music and Leaving Cert, Music practicals and counts as the ‘personal skill’ challenge area for Gaisce – The President’s Award.

Participating students will need to have a guitar to bring to class and to practice at home. If you do not already have an instrument for this course please note that Vardens EGS Music Shop offer suitable instruments, some of which are available on rent to buy plans for students at the school.

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